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HEATH insider town: stories, insider tips, and favourite places in the town of Lüneburg

Touring the towns of Lüneburg Heath in search of curiosities and the most beautiful destinations

What is HEATH insider town?

With the HEATH
insider town series we take you on an exploration tour through the towns of Lüneburg
Heath and give you insider tips from real Heath experts.

HEIDE-Insider Stadt - you have not experienced Lüneburg Heath before

We go with you on the search for exciting stories, curiosities and interesting facts from Lüneburg Heath, report on the most beautiful towns, and give some insider tips for town curiosities.


In this series we come across unexpected and exciting stories from the towns in Lüneburg Heath.

What do the people have to say who live and work in Lüneburg Heath? What makes their home unique? Maybe they will tell us their favourite places in the city.

HEATH insider town #1 : St. Michael's Church or Atlantis of Lüneburg?

HEATH insider town #2: My name is cunning and I am cunning ... or where is the"Güldene Tafel" from St.Michael's church in Lüneburg?

HEATH insider town #3: How did a murder case become the founding year of the hospital? 

HEATH insider town #4: What is the connection between the Garlopenhäuser and the horse-riding servants?

HEATH insider town #5: What on Earth are those stalls?

HEATH insider town #6: How Curt Pomp saved Lüneburg.

HEATH insider town #7: We brew beer - today the Ilmenau is no longer a toilet!

HEATH insider town #8: the executioner of Lüneburg