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Egestorf: Barefoot Park

©Christian Wyrwa
©Christian Wyrwa
©Christian Wyrwa
and experience - Wonderful fun, lots of fresh air combined with great nature
experiences offers the barefoot park Lueneburger Heide in Egestorf (Germany) on
60 stations with different flooring.

the nature with bare soles: From water, over stones or broken glasses. For a
very special highlight always provide the squishy pools with clay, bog, peat or

in Lower Saxony in North Germany near Hamburg is the Barefoot Park Lueneburger
Heide. The approximately 14 Hectare nature experience park is located directly near
the nature reserve "Lueneburger Heide”. At a length of 2.7 km, you can
relive your vitality according to Kneipp's principles.

the Barefoot Park Lueneburger Heide you
pass through 60 stations of varied natural soils through forests meadows,
fields and streams. Feel the nature new - many experience stations wait to be discovered
as smell boxes, tree telephone or crawler tunnel.

wonderfully smelling herb garden, a yoga forest of silence and a
"saltine" for healthy salt inhalation complete the sensory experience
in the Barefoot Park Lueneburger Heide.

a visit to the Barefoot Park Lueneburger Heide, you will have satisfied, happy
and relaxed feet, enriched with all the natural experiences home. Also for good
and healthy food is provided in the park.


the nature:

selection of our experience stations in the Barefoot Park Lueneburger
Heide make you want more nature!

  • Smellboxes: Discover and feel the nature
  • Picture frame: Discover your own landscape motif
  • Playstation: balance over wooden levels. Highseat: Look over the parkland from above

  • Summstones: Listen to what nature has to tell you

  • Wooden dendrophone: Experience the sound variety of woods

  • Herb garden: Enjoy the 40 scents of the herb garden.

  • Squishy pools: Experience the barfood passage through the moor

  • Kneipp basin: Awaken your senses


highlights are just waiting to be discovered by you!

the hours in nature in a unique park of the senses.