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25 Top places to visit in Lüneburg Heath

What can you do on your vacation in Luneburg Heath?

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Many people only know the Luneburg Heath nature park
and the endless heathland in the Luneburg Heath. But the nature of the heath is
more versatile. Here you can find the best tips and sights, sorted by
popularity on our website, for your next vacation. 

The most beautiful places in the Luneburg Heath 

What is worth seeing in nature? Where is the heath most beautiful?

We have collected the most popular sights of the Luneburg Heath for you. Here you can enjoy the incomparable nature of the heath during your vacation - in every season. For many locals (we lovingly call them Heidjers) spring is the most beautiful season in the Luneburg Heath, others love autumn. Or winter, when light powder snow lies on the dark green junipers.

Fact is: every season nature in the Luneburg Heath provides a special spectacle. Great sunrises in spring, the cotton grass blossom in May, the heather blossom in summer, the fog over the moors in autumn, or the dark green junipers in the snow heath in winter. The Luneburg Heath is always worth a trip and the destinations for excursions are numerous.

A landmark of the Luneburg Heath cannot be missing, of course: The Wilseder Berg near Wilsede, Bispingen. Next to it are the valleys Steingrund and Totengrund, two other top attractions. With 169 m the Wilseder Berg is of the highest elevations of the North German lowlands and should be on every excursion program.

A map can be downloaded at the end of this article.

In order to make the most beautiful places accessible to all holidaymakers, we recommend the 25 favourite attractions here. Decide for yourself which places you would like to see during your vacation, the Luneburg Heath is large and has a lot to offer.

You can get detailed descriptions by clicking on the name.

The 25 top natural sights of the Luneburg Heath

1. Wilseder Berg

The heart of the heath in the nature reserve Luneburg Heath, a 169 m high ‘mountain’ that offers a panoramic view up to Hamburg.

2. Totengrund

A unique valley in the middle of the nature reserve Luneburg Heath with a wide view over the landscape.

3. Pietzmoor

Legendary, 8000-year-old moorland with a wooden walking path and a great flora and fauna. Discover the cotton grass blossom in May or blue frogs in march!

4. Büsenbachtal

Romantic heathland valley with herds of Moorland Sheep (Heidschnucken) and a stream. Located right next to a train station.

5. Wilsede

Idyllic small village in our car-free nature reserve, accessible only on foot, by bike or horse-back carriage

6. Town Hall Luneburg

Largest, historic town hall in Northern Germany with over 500 years of construction

7. Iserhatsche Bispingen

Bizarre museum-like attraction with lots of art and curious collections of all kinds of items in Bispingen.

8. Misselhorn Heath and Tiefental 

Beautiful heathland with Tiefental valley in the southern Heath near Hermannsburg. Great for day trips in our region.

9. Wietzer Berg 

Elevation in Heath areas near Müden (Örtze), including a Loen's monument on the summit.  Great view at sunrise!

10. Stintmarkt Luneburg

Photogenic corner in the historical water district of Luneburg with a former port. Nowadays second highest pub density of Europe.

11. Osterheide Schneverdingen

One of the most extensive heathland areas with lake Silvestersee near Schneverdingen.

12. Luesswald

Only primeval forest in the Luneburg Heath in the nature park Suedheide.

13. Juniper Heath in Ellerndorf

Scenic beautiful heath area in the east of the Luneburg Heath with many juniper trees.

14. Uelzen: Hundertwasser Station

Unique train station designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

15. Schwindequelle

Lower Saxony's second largest source with a constant temperature of 9 degrees Celsius near Amelinghausen.

16. Juniper forest Schmarbeck

Largest juniper forest in northern Germany with large heath areas that are very photogenic.

17. Castle Celle

A castle in the half-timbered old town of Celle, located right next to the city centre. The castle holds Germany’s oldest baroque theatre still in use as well as the castle chapel and is of great historical value.

18. Grundloses Moor with Grundloser See Nature Reserve

Scenic lake near Walsrode, embedded in a forest and moorland area.

19. Brunsberg

Heath areas with the second highest mountain of the heath and a great panoramic view in the northern region of the Luneburg Heath.

20. Höpen Schneverdingen

Coronation location of the heather queen during “Heideblütenfest” with an open-air stage and moorland sheep barn.

21. Behringen Heath

Heathland area near Bispingen with panoramic view. Great for a longer hike or bike ride through the Luneburg Heath.

22. Steingrund

A valley near Wilseder Berg and the little brother of the Totengrund. Probably one of the most typical heathland areas.

23. Wesel heath

Extensive heathland areas with ponds in the nature reserve near Undeloh.

24. Mystical Oldendorf Totenstatt

Heath area with a 4000-year old history as a burial ground near Amelinghausen.

25. Hermann Löns Memorial

Heathland near Walsrode with a Hermann Löns memorial stone surrounded by juniper trees.

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