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Lüneburg: Kalkberg

©Ulrich von dem Bruch Ulrich von dem Bruch / Lüneburg

Actually, Kalkberg (chalk
hill) should really be called "Gipsberg" (gypsum hill) - because the
salt dome under Lüneburg brought the precious building material gypsum to the
earth's surface. In the Middle Ages, "Hliuniburg" stood 
here, one of
the early parts of the town. Later, the hill was removed for gypsum extraction.

In 1878, the highest
hilltop was protected from further mining. In 1932, the gypsum quarry and the
rest of the hill were declared a nature reserve and natural monument. The hill
was originally about 70m high and thus the highest elevation far and wide. By
removing the gypsum for building material, most of the calcareous hill was removed
over the years. Thus, with a height of 58m today, Kalkberg is only 1/16 of its
original size.

Today you can enjoy a
wonderful view of the old town of Lüneburg from Kalkberg, which is located in
the middle of the city. Around the Kalkberg there are paved trails, so that the
"climb" is not too difficult.

Sunrise and sunset are
special experiences.